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Santa Cruz Canna Farms grows with care, devotion, and mindfulness.

We employ only natural methods with great attention by true farmers.

Strawberry BananaZ, Z Banana and Lemon Zest 

are exclusive to Santa Cruz Canna Farms.

Strawberry BananaZ

A Santa Cruz Canna Farms classic exclusive strain. The name says it all, strong notes of fresh strawberries and bananas. This is a relaxing and mildly sedating hybrid that will bring happy, peaceful effects with high levels of THC. Great for relaxing the mind and sleep.


SFV OG hits you right in the face true to the heavy kush experience. This is a great strain to unwind and de stress at the end of the day. Take a hit, lay back on the couch and feel your tension slip away. SFV provides heavy gassy kush flavor.

Z Banana

Z Banana is one of our proprietary strains bred by Salyer Genetics. You'll notice a strong banana bread aroma and flavor. You will feel mildly sedated with an extraordinarily balanced body and head high. This is a potent cultivar averaging 30% THC.


All Santa Cruz Canna Farms pre-rolls are made with 100% flower. You won't find any trim, stems or seeds in these premium pre-rolls. These are some potent and tasty joints that will leave you in a state of bliss and pure happiness. 

Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest is a blast of citrus to the face. You’ll notice strong lemon pine sol terps alongside orange zest. A very uplifting and workable high, great for any time of the day. This will be an instant favorite flavor for the citrus heads. 

Refined Live Resin

Our refined live resin line bring some of the most potent, flavorful and effective extracts on the market. The number one fan favorite is our Strawberry BananaZ Refined Live Resin Caviar. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or a beginner you'll love our refined live resins.

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